Engines & Transmissions


When all other repair options are no longer feasible, we may suggest a replacement engine.  Our job is to find the best engine, with the best warranty at the best possible value for our customers. Knowing who the best suppliers are is extremely important, for ourselves and our customers.  Replacing engines is a specialty process and we excel at it – we install about 2 engines and transmissions per week.

At the time the engine is ordered, the required install Transmissionkit is included.  If the customer intends to install the engine at a remote location (other than Atlas Automotive), a list of additionally required items is supplied.  These items MUST be replaced to eliminate all failure possibilities and keep the warranty intact and valid. Please keep in mind if you intend to install the engine yourself and the engine is defective, unfortunately the burden of proof to the manufacturer is on you. Used transmissions (not remanufactured) require new filter and seals, which are also included with your order.  We can have engines and transmissions shipped directly to your doorstep.

We offer remanufactured engines with a nationwide Gold Warranty. This warranty covers 3 years/100,000 miles (whichever occurs first), towing, rental car, and up to a $95/hour labor rate. It also includes a 1 time “no fault” replacement engine if the original engine should fail for any reason.  Transmissions include a nationwide 3 years/100,000 mile parts and labor warranty. We also offer used engines and transmissions with a nationwide 12 month/12,000 parts and labor warranty. Some customers like us to check both remanufactured and used engines and/or transmissions so they can decide which best fits their circumstances and budget.  We give you that option in the Quote Request Form below.

Engine/Transmission Quote Request Form