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General Q & A:

  • Are you open every day?
    • Most days we are open all week: we close for 4th of July, Christmas day, New Year’s day, and family weddings, births, and funerals. We close early for Memorial and Labor days.
  • Can I bring my own parts?
    • In certain circumstances we will install parts that you bring.  The reason we discourage it overall is because:
      • Parts and engines bought online are difficult to get reimbursement if the part is defective, and YOU have to prove that it was defective.  Trust us, there are ALOT of defective parts out there.
      • If you do have a defective part, it could take days or weeks to resolve the issue as a non-professional, and it could also hold up the repair to your vehicle.
      • You may have the wrong part.  You wouldn’t believe how many customers have been told to buy a part that turns out to be the wrong solution.  In some cases the customer has been so confident, they have insisted that the part be used without further investigation.  Unfortunately, these mistakes are not free, as it takes just as long to replace the wrong part as it does the right one, and the problem is still unresolved. Using the correct part to begin with saves an incredible amount of time and money, and it’s our job to do that as efficiently as possible.
      • You can purchase parts locally cheaper than you can buy them from us but it can cost you a lot more – here is why:
        • When you purchase parts through us as part of your repair, there is an immediate implied warranty.  This is very important because defective parts are rampant, and if we test a part we have installed and it is defective, we have to start the process all over again and it costs you nothing. Sometimes this process can be repeated numerous times.
        • If you had purchased this part yourself, you would have had to pay for every replacement process. It is bad enough to have to pay for labor twice, but this can easily be multiplied – the labor for each of these incidents adds up.
        • In some cases, the distributor compensates us for our labor if the defective part was a major component or an engine.  The burden of proof is on us, but we are well-equipped to deal with it. This can save you thousands of your hard-earned dollars. If you purchase your own parts, the vendor rarely covers labor in the event of a defective part, and the burden of proof is on you as their customer. The fine print in the warranty is a good clue.
  • How much experience do you have replacing engines?
    • This is our specialty, and we replace about 2 a week.  We started doing engines about 17 years ago when nobody else in town was doing it.  It didn’t take us long to figure out why – finding reputable dealers that stood behind their warranties was a frustrating, expensive journey.  There’s a lot to replacing engines, and several accessory parts must also be replaced along with the replacement engine in order for it to work the way it should. Not all mechanics are aware of this, but failure to do so can void your warranty.  We want to make sure you have the best warranty and keep it valid!
  • Is there anything you don’t do?
    • No, and yes!  We aren’t equipped to do body work, and we don’t sell tires.  There are some specialty jobs we don’t do.  However, we are still a one-stop repair shop for you.  We have spent years finding the most skilled people with the best business practices to take care of our customers. Not only does their work have to pass our inspection and meet our standards, but we take care of all of it for you for less than it would cost you in time and dollars to deal with it yourself.
    • The other thing we won’t do are vehicle modifications that are outside the safety and/or performance specs of the vehicle.  Yes, we have fulfilled customer requests for upgrading or “souping up” their vehicles when feasible, but safety will always be our primary concern.
  • Is there a difference between cheap gas and more expensive gas?
  • Stay tuned for more….we have a lot more to post!