Service and Repairs

Atlas Automotive is highly respected among automotive professionals for extensive knowledge and diagnostic abilities around repairs.  We freely share our knowledge with our fellow professionals, as our primary concern is for the customer, no matter whose customer it is.

We have spent the extra dollars on expensive diagnostic equipment and take the extra time to use it well.  Combined with extensive experience, the trial and error method is greatly reduced or eliminated, which results in huge savings for our customers.

As mentioned on our Home page, we can pretty much take care of anything that happens with your vehicle.  We are masters at major engine and transmission repairs and we excel at brakes, timing gears, belts, hoses, electrical repairs and everything in between. We also know that something as simple as changing wiper blades can make a huge difference to your comfort and safety on the road.  It’s all in the details, and we want to make sure we tend to each detail thoroughly.

We invite you to visit our other pages, and join our family of satisfied customers.  You are also invited to read our reviews if you’d like – or just ask your tow driver if you find yourself in a situation where you need help.  We’re here to help YOU.

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